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High quality, high speed, high service!

Service makes us win trust, trust makes us win the market!

First, the service commitment: provide professional and comprehensive pre-sales, after-sales service

Second, the warranty period: When you purchase the products sold by the company, you can enjoy a completely free after-sales service for one year. (except for human reasons and consumables)

Third, the cutting machine maintenance instructions:

1. Choose a good environment to use the cutting machine. It should not be placed in a place with strong sunlight to avoid direct sunlight, so that the surface of the table will affect the service life;

2. Regularly wipe the machine table with alcohol to prevent the suction port from being blocked (do not pour the alcohol directly onto the table to wipe);

3. Regular maintenance, optimization, and anti-virus on the computer system, and the instability of the computer system will also affect the normal operation of the cutting machine;

4. Do not press or place scissors or other objects on the cutting machine to avoid hitting the machine head when starting the machine;

5. Do not press the rails and beams on both sides of the cutting machine table to avoid damage to the track;

6. Avoid plugging and unplugging only the cable. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the cutting machine online cable, otherwise it will damage the cutting machine or computer;

7, electricity specifications: 220V, 50 or 60HZ, 1500W, one-way AC, need to install ground wire to prevent static electricity;

8. During the operation of the machine, do not put the head and hand closely to the running beam or machine head to avoid accidents;

Fourth, device products (electronic puller, flat car anti-bird's nest)

1. The input voltage is 60-240V. If it is higher than 260V, it will damage the equipment and human body damage.

2. Use the standard positive grounding to ensure the normal operation and personal safety of the equipment;

3. Non-professionals should not disassemble the equipment and electronic control to ensure the normal use and personal safety of the equipment;

4, please pay attention to routine maintenance to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment;

5. Do not use external force to strike or interfere with human intervention.

Fifth, in order to protect your service, please note the following:

1. Please keep the delivery order and warranty card issued by the company for the repair;

2. The user's purchase date is the starting time;

3. The products replaced during the warranty period will continue to enjoy the remaining warranty time;

4. In addition to the warranty period, the fee will be charged according to the cost.

It is not covered by the warranty due to improper use or illegal installation of disassembled parts and wiring, etc., resulting in damage and cannot use.