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       Frist、installation of Auxiliary device

BTP/T  Pneumatic puller with synchronizer

BTW Pneumatic puller without synchronizer (can be used to QINGXI control, powermax control ,hulong control, Nanbang control, MAQI control,JUKI 9000C,Brother S7200,7250A,7300A,etc)

BTO  Automatic Pneumatic puller

BTK  embedded Pneumatic puller for overlock sewing machine

ATP/T  electromagnetic  puller with synchronizer

ATM  electromagnetic  puller with synchronizer for feed-off-the-arm sewing machine

ATI500/600  electromagnetic  puller with synchronizer for interlock sewing machine

MTT  all-drive smart puller with synchronizer

MTW  all-drive smart  puller without  synchronizer 

Universal connect board of puller/ adjustment of Synchronous mode

NSB   anti-bird nest device for lockstitch sewing machine

Second、Installation video of equipment products

     M/P   luxury template cutting machine 

     Flycutter  hi-speed flat cutting machine