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Flat Cutting Machine Manufacturer Introduces this

Time: 2019-05-07

Flat cutting machine can be used to cut or draw, so it is often referred to as flat cutting plotter. Generally speaking, in industrial equipment, which requires high precision and processing for medium weight materials and other products, flat-panel cutting machine is a very ideal product equipment, because it can process various materials with accurate performance, but also can meet the production needs of various types of industrial enterprises, and flat-panel cutting machine can also achieve the same goal.

 Some complex and elegant designs include instant paste, masking film, foam board, cardboard, oily board and sandblasting rubber. Some flat-panel cutting opportunities have a positioning marker detection sensor that can be used as a standard device, which makes it easy to re-calibrate the position of the flat-panel cutting machine on the medium used for die cutting which has printed the image. Flat-panel cutters have the ability to load a cutting knife and a drawing pen, so the designer of sample clothes/shoes can mark the medium and then cut it. Users do not need to replace the corresponding drawing pen and cutting knife manually.

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