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The development of science and technology promotes

Time: 2019-05-07

With the development of society, the continuous improvement of science and technology, industrial automation is also growing. Computer cutting machines and automated computer cutting machines have been widely used in many industries. More and more enterprises are gradually changing from labor-intensive to skill-intensive production mode. This can also be said to be a major growth of contemporary industry. Computer cutting machines are not. Only high cost performance ratio, but also replaced the expensive professional configuration, low operating costs, has been widely used, improve the efficiency of enterprises. The computer cutting machine manufactured by Cavey Company has good performance, accepts the European high-end performance control system, and has excellent skills.

Ningbo Carv Automation Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional series of products including high-speed plate cutting machine, template cutting and milling machine, template design and production software, automatic mould conveyor, automatic template machine, sample automatic positioning machine, multi-trademark automatic positioning machine, sewing machine electronic trailer, flat car anti-nest device, etc.

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