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Clothing template cutter manufacturers tell you wh

Time: 2019-05-29

Clothing temPlate Cutter manufacturers tell you what clothing template cutter is

First of all, we need to know which industries the garment template cutting machine is suitable for. Then, as the garment template cutting machine manufacturer, we will tell you that the garment template cutting machine is widely used in garment, shoes, handbag, bag, paper pattern cutting, electronics cutting, self-adhesive protective film and other materials. Packaging, printing, color box production, advertising, gift industry, lighting industry, laser knife pattern drawing. etc.

The flat-panel cutting machine system in the garment template cutting machine is a high-efficiency and low-cost fast cutting system, which saves the cost and time of tool mould manufacturing, enables new products to enter the market in time, adapts quickly to market changes and samples to be modified repeatedly. At the same time, the cost-effective ratio is high. 4-6 manual drawing boards can be replaced by flat cutting machine. Cutting materials: white cardboard, red cardboard, leather Kang paper, PVC board, shoe fibre midsole, plastic board shoes, clothing, handbags, bags, paper pattern adhesive, double-sided tape, pt, pet film, mobile phone.

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