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Clothing automatic template cutting machine manufa

Time: 2019-06-03

Clothing automatic template cutting machine manufacturers congratulations: "Computer-controlled sewing template cutting and milling machine" and other four industry standard working group meetings and preliminary review meeting was successfully held in Ningbo:

From May 16th to 17th, 2019, four industry standard working group meetings and preliminary examination meetings such as "Computer Controlled Sewing Template Cutting and Milling Machine" were held in Ningbo Carv Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


Wu Jianmin, deputy director and secretary general of the National Sewing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, Chen Xiaolong, general manager of Ningbo CArv Automation Technology Co., Ltd., staff of the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee and representatives of various units involved in the drafting of the standard attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Wu Jianmin.


Chen Xiaolong, general manager of Carv Company, gave a welcome speech and expressed warm welcome to the drafting units. The meeting then conducted four standards on 16 and 17 respectively.


In the standard certification process, the responsible persons from the relevant drafting enterprise units conducted detailed examination and approval of the standard formulation process, solicitation opinions and revised contents. Representatives of the drafting units discussed and revised item by item at the meeting. The controversial part of the exchange was discussed and the atmosphere was warm.


Secretary-General Wu Jianmin said at the conclusion of the meeting: In 2019, the standardization work of the Standardization Committee will focus on the quality improvement of the standard revision and revision, effectively and effectively control the quality of the industry standard revision process, and give priority to the quality and market-critical standards. And to the market, more research and discussion is needed for the immature standards, and the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee will further control the quality of industry standards. It is hoped that the representatives of the drafting units participating in this meeting will make plans according to the standards to ensure that the standards development tasks are completed before the time node, and the standards that are more favorable to the industry and higher quality are prepared.

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