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BMW has X, Apple has X, and Carv X is listed!

Time: 2019-06-03

When the market and competition swept the world, when demand calls for product innovation again and again, the use of clothing templates is becoming more and more extensive, from the pattern template to the long arm machine template and the current automatic template, etc. From the factory to the use of 80% of the template, the template technology has become a mainstream of clothing intelligent manufacturing and provincial labor. Through the use of the template, the complicated process is simplified, and the rework rate of the sewn garment becomes zero. The process that requires skilled workers can be used to realize the hand-made garment through the use of the template.

The use of templates is becoming more and more popular. The original garment template cutting machine on the market has not been able to meet the large workload template cutting requirements of the factory. Intelligent, efficient and innovative, the Carv X series high-speed template cutting and milling machine is a technological tool for efficient cutting of templates. The X series has the advantage of “quick, accurate and stable” and will become the king of template cutting.

Technical highlights

Carv X series high-speed template cutting and milling machine, cutting efficiency is higher, the self-control system service is more convenient, the double suction system small sample cutting is more precise, the curve adaptive acceleration and deceleration arc cutting is more round, and the automatic tool setting function is convenient to replace. Each diameter milling cutter, with standard template software, is easier to use.

Carv X series high-speed template cutting and milling machine, equipped with high-speed water-cooled variable frequency motor, can cut multi-layer acrylic, PVC or PET board at high speed at one time, and can also cut polymer composite materials with thickness of 6mm. Optional knives function, you can directly cut CAD copper paper. The powerful cutting multi-purpose function is currently a cost-effective product on the market.

There is no end to technological innovation. Each product of Carv is derived from the core of self-supporting. On November 2, 2018, the X series new series of template cutting and milling machines were released on the site of Taizhou International Equipment Sewing Exhibition. Some agents at the site were friends. Media friends, peer friends have witnessed the industry's high-speed template cutting tool.

In the future, Carv will continue to innovate, develop more clothing templates and use a series of products, and through the promotion of template technology, strive to promote the use of templates, so that more garment factories can use template clothing to achieve real hand-made clothing and intelligence manufacturing.


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