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Flat Cutting Machine Manufacturer Describes Vertic

Time: 2019-06-24

Flat Cutting Machine Manufacturer Describes Vertical Inkjet Cutting Machine

Vertical inkjet cutting machine is also a kind of flat-panel cutting machine. The equipment also has its corresponding performance and characteristics. Many people may not know what the performance characteristics of vertical inkjet cutting machine are. Now, as a flat-panel cutting machine manufacturer, let's share with you the performance characteristics of vertical inkjet cutting machine.

1. Software arithmetic, without raster and horse-plate, the machine prints more accurately and the lines are clearer, which greatly reduces the failure rate. 2. The independent output management software ensures the better connection between the machine and the computer. 3. Ink head, knife head hidden design. 4. The machine stops abnormally and the position is recorded automatically. 5. Online automatic queuing printing.

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