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Characteristics of Intelligent Cutting Equipment f

Time: 2019-08-23

Luggage computer cutting equipment is an intelligent cutting equipment. It has intelligent cutting software for bags which can cut leather, PVC, cloth and other luggage materials. The computer cutting machine has intelligent typesetting software, blade cutting, high cutting accuracy and high efficiency. More than 100 luggage manufacturers purchase options.

The bag cutting machine has an integrated welding body, which ensures the service life and accuracy of the equipment after high temperature heat treatment. Equipped with Japanese Ankawa servo motor. Japan's Ankawa servo motor uses pulse positioning, which has the highest amplifier responsiveness in the same industry and greatly shortens the setup time. To improve the mechanical performance of the equipment, the cutting speed can reach 2000 mm/s. The bag vibration cutting tool can replace pneumatic cutter, round cutter, milling cutter, punching cutter, slotting cutter and other tools, cutting, punching, etc. It can be done. This work also applies to more materials.

The software of computer cutting machine for luggage is convenient to have intelligent compensation system, super-layout software, intelligent identification material system, etc. For leather material, it can recognize leather contour and flaws intelligently. The intelligent compensation system can control the cutting error to 0.01mm. Compared with manual layout, the super-layout software can save material by more than 10%.

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