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Kavi Chen | set a goal and go all out to achieve it!

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Time: 2023-9-25 14:28:00

    People often say: everything inadvertently willow, in fact, all come naturally.

    There is no wasted effort in this world, and there is no chance of success. In fact, behind the vast majority of success, are full of hardships and suffering, are bitter accumulation of persistence.

    Chen Xiaolong before cutting into the electronic trawl wheel this market opportunity, also experienced difficult exploration and entrepreneurial tribulations.

    As a farmer's son from Quzhou, Zhejiang province, he knew he had no choice but to work hard. Not only to work hard, but also to sink down and do a thing to do the best. This is the life attitude and spiritual trait that guided him to continue to dig deep in the field of trawling wheels.

    Before founding Ningbo Kawei Automation Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Kawei), Chen Xiaolong worked as a plate maker in a clothing company for 10 years, during which he played the CAD perfectly and once became one of the top apparel CAD experts in the industry. After that, in order to challenge himself and exercise his communication skills, he went into sales across the border and helped friends sell pattern cutting machines. In half a year, he sold 25 units in Ningbo, which was a big miracle in the market where his brand was blank. In 2009, the friend company closed down, he chose to go ahead, founded the "Goli" company, the agent of clothing CAD software, plotters and sales of the "Goli" brand of paper pattern cutting machine, one work is three years.

    Chen Xiaolong like this line love line, special line, fine line. But by 2012, because the quality of the branded products was too poor, the marketing path that relied solely on overdraft of personal brand and reputation almost came to an end, and it was difficult to develop. He began to seriously think about the mode of independent development and production, so in April of that year, he founded Kavi, took over 20 cutting machines to friends before the factory down, and officially began the road of no return to the entity business.

    For many people, entrepreneurship is not actually "created" out, but "rushed" out. Behind this embodies the courage of entrepreneurs to face difficulties and the spirit of perseverance. Some people say that a person must have pursuit, his spirit will grow. As the saying goes, "If you seek, you will gain, and if you give, you will lose." Have a life dream, or have a goal, it can lead you to constantly fill themselves, beyond themselves.

From template cutter to drag wheel

    The turning point for Chen Xiaolong's career was a phone call from Shenzhen.

    At the end of 2012, "a friend who made templates in Shenzhen called and said, Mr. Chen, you are not doing a flat cutting machine, you can come to Shenzhen to see." At that time, Shenzhen a brand of automatic template machine is strong, but most of the templates used in clothing factories are cut out with a laser machine, the disadvantage is that the smell is heavy, corrosive and cut out of the side is dirty, not only will cause environmental pollution and is not conducive to the health of the operator, friends suggested Chen Xiaolong to template cutting machine direction to develop.

    At that time, he was on a business trip in Quanzhou, and immediately bought a sleeper ticket to Shenzhen overnight. After field investigation, Chen Xiaolong realized that the template cutting machine can not only do, but it is likely that there will be a much larger market space than the pattern cutting machine.

    After returning from Shenzhen, he called the engineers who had been engaged in development in the factory to help, and several people worked for three months to make a template cutting and milling machine in Kawei D in February 2013. As a result, when Chen Xiaolong took the machine to a customer for trial, he was almost "scolded to death." There was no way, he took the machine back to re-develop, just in time for the Shanghai CISMA in September of that year, so he temporarily decided to participate in the exhibition, and the result did not expect to gain a lot of dealer support. Coupled with the development of network promotion, although Kavi's template cutting machine is not mature, it is also slowly opening the market in the bumps and bruises.

    Compared with manual template cutting, the template cutting machine has higher production efficiency and cutting precision. Compared with the laser cutting machine, it is more environmentally friendly, but at that time, because the sewing of the long-arm template machine requires workers to push by hand, and the sewing stitches pushed out by the hand are uneven, so the problem of template sewing factory workers is often not good. Chen Xiaolong has a customer who works for Shanshan children's clothing and bought three of his long-arm formwork machines, but the uneven stitch of children's clothing made with the template led to the return of all the clothing for rework. This let Chen Xiaolong pain determined that we must specially develop a traction device to solve the problem of uneven template sewing needle distance.

    Later, he studied the template electronic trawl wheel, as long as the trawl is hung up, it can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the template, achieve the automatic towing stitch and automatic turning of the template, making the stitch of the template more standardized and moulded, and solve the problem of uneven needle distance and low efficiency caused by manual pushing the template.

    2013-2015 was a popular period for long-arm formwork machines, and Kavi's tugs caught up with the tuyere. And Chen Xiaolong by Taizhou sewing machine manufacturers matching tugs, a quick to bring up the brand of Kavi.

    Later, he thought that if only one kind of tug is produced, the product is too single, and the dealer can not make money, so he began to in-depth study from the template tug, and has launched the pneumatic electronic tug, electromagnetic electronic tug, oversewing machine electronic tug, full-drive intelligent electronic tug, dual-drive intelligent electronic tug, tracked intelligent electronic tug, etc., the electronic tug wheel has been made into a large series. And because the electronic control of Kavi has developed more mature, it is more stable and has stronger control than other brands of trawl wheels.

    Seemingly inadvertent willow a move, but help Kavy to achieve the electronic tug "unicorn" status, behind this "luck", is the strength and accumulation, is the day by day persistence and research.

Vows to make the electronic trawl wheel a global One

    What exactly is a tug wheel? I asked Chen Xiaolong to give a concise explanation.

    He said that the electronic tug wheel is also called the electronic tug wheel of the sewing machine, controlled by the software programming computer, installed on the sewing machine, the use of stepping or servo motor to drive the mechanical structure of the wheel or track, a sewing machine auxiliary traction device that can run completely in sync with the sewing machine, mainly to solve the problems of sewing machine fabric wrinkle, twist, wrong layer, and poor feeding.

    In the tug subdivision industry, an industry enterprise in Taiwan is one of the world's top two giants. Chen Xiaolong said that the company's tugs are doing very well, and business is so good that overseas customers can only deliver their orders months later. "And the price is several times our, I think this can do."

    Not only can do, he also believes that Carvey has the opportunity to do global D one in the future segment. Because the tugboat of the Taiwan enterprise is mechanically driven, and the tugboat of Kavi is electronically driven, "electronic tugboats do not need refueling, light, intelligent, low cost, I think it is very competitive compared with the heavy mechanical tugwheel."

    But that company is doing really well. Chen Xiaolong said he went to a foreign clothing factory, a factory of tens of thousands of people, with tugboats are their home, which gave Kavy a benchmark to catch up with, but also let Chen Xiaolong see the opportunity. "So my goal is to make Kavi the global D-1 in the tug wheel industry. Dreams always exist."

    Raising the mind as big as the sky is an important aspect of spiritual growth, and it is also a fundamental aspect of spiritual growth. However, what confidence does Chen Xiaolong have to support the realization of his "small goal"?

    First of all, in the field of electronic trawler continuous deep cultivation, continuous innovation and research and development.

    "So far, it can be said that all mechanical tugs, we have replaced it with electronic tugs, and the price is more advantageous, and the performance is better." Now Kavi has a total of more than 30 models of electronic tugs, more and more series of products, and now the development of molds to use molds as much as possible, like our dual-drive electronic tugs, a set of molds down more than 300,000 yuan."

    In other words, Kavi has established a deep "moat" in the trawl wheel category, because the product development needs to continue to invest, a dozen series of investment of three to five million yuan, the general small business does not have this ability or a single product, and large enterprises look up to this small auxiliary device, so it gives Kavi a very good "card" advantage: The deeper the research, the richer the product range and the stronger the competitiveness.

    Secondly, we should try our best to improve product quality.

    Chen Xiaolong gave an example, a simple screw, the ordinary on the market may also be a few cents, and now the screw used by the Carvy cloth wheel is an industry brand, and the cost of the screw is several times higher than others. But good parts are different, "other people's screws may take two months to loosen, I don't have to worry about these things."

       And electrical control. Chen Xiaolong said that the spare parts on the Kavi electric control can be used well, and can be imported as far as possible. During the epidemic last year, the supply of imported chips was once short, and Kavi used domestic substitutes for a period of time, with unsatisfactory results. "So now we are not looking at who is cheaper than us in the country, but compared with ourselves, how to do better." Carvey's current tug wheel is certainly more expensive than others, but in the market is so poor these two years, we still live very well, now more and more products, including overseas customers more and more large orders, why? It comes down to quality, brand and expertise."

    Chen Xiaolong admitted that he now has higher and higher requirements for suppliers, and some suppliers have been eliminated because they can not meet the quality requirements. "In the past, we did not test the supplier's things, because the inspection will increase the cost, but now I have done the full inspection, this is no way, you have to do a good job of brand positioning, want to make the product more stable, want to do the market better, these things must be done." It will increase costs in the short term, but in the long term I think it will reduce costs."

    Finally, the service, Chen Xiaolong in the pre-sales and after-sales service made a lot of efforts. Especially before the sale, the service content is more. Because there are many models of the trawl wheel, and the configuration is different, the service is very trivial and very detailed. Sometimes, even late at night, the customer's call will be forwarded to his cell phone, even at 11 or 12 at night must be answered. "But service is a difficult job to do 100 percent, because there are always picky customers and there are always difficult customers, so it is difficult to achieve 100 percent service, but we try to work towards that goal."

Through continuous innovation, quality improvement and enhanced service, Kawei gradually opened the distance from competitors, but also let it run faster and farther on the subdivision track of electronic tug.

The more segmented, the more focused

    Perhaps Cavey did so well in the field of electronic tugs that many people equated Cavey with a tug wheel. In fact, in addition to the trawl wheel, Kawei also research and development and production of template cutting and milling machine and clothing sample positioning machine, curtain numerical control Korean pleat machine, curtain numerical control fixed height machine and other automation equipment, its CS sewing auxiliary conveyor table and electronic tug supporting, can achieve sewing automation function. In addition, in the field of template cutting and milling machines, Kawei is also the main drafting unit of the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Computer controlled sewing machine template cutting and milling industry standard".

    In recent years, with the large-scale and multi-field application of the template machine, the template cutting and milling machine has stood on the cusp of the development of the industry. Template cutting and milling machine is one of the fist products developed early by Kavz, which has been upgraded in recent years, and has now developed to the sixth generation of template cutting and milling machine, of which 2022 high-speed clothing template cutting machine beam double guide rail head runs more stable, cutting speed is faster, the honeycomb mesa with a molding is higher flatness, the adsorption force is stronger, and the small sample cutting is more accurate. Can also achieve half knife cutting function. It can be said that Kavy's strong position in the field of template cutting is difficult to shake.

      In recent years, Kawei regularly held free for customers to "raw clothing, template first" template application technology training courses, committed to building a perfect technical service network. "In fact, template free training we are only input no output, but we want more people to understand the template, so that more customers accept the template machine." Although the training was interrupted during the epidemic, we recorded a series of template technology courses and shared the template technology for free, and directly disclosed it on the public account of Kavi."

    In terms of template technology, CAD template design software is independently developed by Kawei, including the upper computer and the lower computer, which is also independently developed by Kawei. Chen Xiaolong said, "I have done sales before, know the importance of product and service, and now we do all products, we must master the core technology." Because only in this way can customers respond quickly when they need it."

    In talking with Chen Xiaolong for more than an hour, you can always feel his kind of unremitting enterprising, permanent tide and excellence of the spirit of hard work. When he was young, he said, his mother told him that if a person does one thing well, he can do other things well. Over the years, this sentence has guided his spiritual growth and guided his deep cultivation and innovation in the cause of sewing equipment.

    Chen Xiaolong is still young and has a long way to go. Although the electronic tug has achieved a certain height and depth, in fact, there is still a considerable distance from his "small target". Now in addition to the trawl wheel and the template cutter, there are some bits and pieces of automation equipment. In this entrepreneurial era that needs to calm down and continue to cultivate deeply, it is no longer appropriate to rush for quick success, but to focus on core advantages and go all out. To tell the truth, a person's energy is limited after all, can mobilize limited resources, for this ambitious young people, in the face of the temptation of the market, perhaps "focus, focus", will be a more realistic, more strategic choice.

    Because in this world, no matter how good you are at something, no matter how you evaluate your own achievements, there will always be someone who dwarfs you. Therefore, anchoring your own positioning, doing what you are good at with no distractions, focusing on advantages, and continuing to deepen, may be a closer road to your dream in this era of great change and uncertainty.

    The scale of China's sewing machinery industry is not large, but there are always some entrepreneurs who make people shine, they are based on their interests, expertise and experience, and inadvertently build their own "moat". However, under the stock competition, the "moat" is not high enough, not wide enough, and whether it can open the distance from competitors depends on the ability to continue to develop, the endurance of continuous cultivation and the perseverance of not afraid of any challenge. Bless Kavi. It is precisely because of these innovative companies like them that they have laid the foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and can also promote the high-quality sustainable development of the entire industry.

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