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SD Semi-automatic positioning machine

SD Semi-automatic positioning machine

Code: SD1206



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SD Semi-automatic positioning machine


Machine features:

●Pneumatic writing structure

●Automatic cycle function

●Patent anti clamping device

●Automatic control of spot welding time

●Intelligent data acquisition function

●Automatic adjustment of ultrasonic intensity


Machine advantages:

1.Computer control ultrasonic automatic positioning time 

2.To instead of flat sewing machine operation need for skilled workers 

3.Positioning effect level off, won't produce inclined fold, wrinkle phenomenon 
4.Positioning spot spacing uniform, beautiful, does not affect the effect after finished product 

5.Apply a swimsuit, underwear plate positioning, brand positioning, zipper 

High-end brand apparel products use a wide range of trademarks. Multi-label sewing has always been a time-consuming, labor-intensive, cost-cost process for garment and garment factories. Traditional multi-brand positioning requires skilled sewing workers to overlap multiple trademarks and then place them on the parking space for sewing.


Machine model: Carv-SD1206

Working area:400*700mm

Positioning material:Spandex Polyester Polyester cotton

The control interface: Liquid crystal display and button screen

Transmission system: High-precision stepping driver,Imported linear guide rails

Voltage/Power:220v±10%   50HZ/200w

Control technology:ARM64

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