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Template technology training

Template technology training





Template technology training

Carv clothing template training program:

With the increasing use of clothing templates for garment production, Carv(Gelee) has adopted a new template course to serve customers, improve the application of templates, and adapt to the needs of various production enterprises and templates. customer of. Divided into the following training program catalog.

1. Primary clothing template training

2. Intermediate clothing template training

3. Advanced clothing template training

4.  Specialized knitwear template training

5. Specialized training on jacket, cotton coat and down garment template

6.  Specialized course suit clothing template training

7. Specialized fashion clothing template training  

一:Primary clothing template training program

Design principles for basic training template production, basic production, traditional template, tug template, small automatic template machine and automatic template sewing machine template application design. The training time is 2-3 days. We will provide relevant video demonstrations and involve more than 20 templates. The goal is to enable students to create and solve various basic templates from scratch.




class hours







Introduction of clothing templates

development of template and application principles


The morning of the first day







Template preparation

materials, tools, and environments that the templates need.








Carv template software application


Template software usage training










Based on theory and software applications


Clothing software conversion


Various clothing CAD software conversion format import software application method
























Template cutting machine use and debugging


Use, maintenance and commissioning of the Carv template cutting machine












application of automatic seam template


application of automatic sewing template machine and software












Automatic puller application


Automatic puller application principle












Small automatic seam template machine


Application principle and template design of small template machine












Template making


basic principles of template bonding and production












Ordinary bag cover, collar template


Basic design concept of bag cover and collar template



The afternoon of the first day









Round collar


Round neck design concept












Side seam


Basic concept design of side seam



The morning of the second day










heart-shaped template


Design and application of various template machines












Common cotton


Application principles for traditional and automatic stitching cotton stencils












Diamond template


One forming practice, and different cotton and down thickness practices



The afternoon of the first day






















Collection, pleating template


design principle of collection, pleating template












Ordinary bag-open template


Ordinary open bag template design principle













二:Intermediate clothing template training program Intermediate training develops a complete template system on the primary basis and can handle garment factory templates

The various types of questions that need to be faced, the template training time is 3-4 days.







class hours









Superior leadership



application of collar pair, check, fill, eat, hook line


The morning of the first day






















Shirt lower collar application



Shirt lower collar three-in-one application











Top  bag-open



Top  bag-open, single ruled line, double ruled line


The afternoon of the first day









Top  bag-open 2



Threaded zip pocket,  zipper pocket with no weltless











Pants bag-open



Trouser bag, pocket, vertical bag











Knit, polo shirt threshold



Straight sill, scissor sill, zipper placket


The morning of the second day









Suit towel bag



Application of Suit towel bag











Coat welt buckle



Multi-button side-by-side design


The afternoon of the second day









Cashmere, suit collar



Thick material to more collars, accurate application










Cashmere, suit threshold



Cashmere, suit head design











Suit sleeves, back seams



Application of suit sleeves, back seams


The morning of the third day









Suit collection



Front chest, back waist










front bag-open of suit  and head combination



Suit combination template
























Suit reverse princess seam template



Reverse Princess stitch template application


















Pattern template



Booking, ordering magnetic


The afternoon of the third day









Backpack template



Set knots, straps











Hot stamping



Hot collar, hot sleeve elbow


















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