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Universal template cutting machine

Universal template cutting machine

Code: ST1209 ST1509 STM1209 STM1509

Spec: 1200×900mm 1500×900mm



S/T universal template cutting machine:

machine model:ST1209  ST1509  STM1209  STM1509

cutting area:1500×900  1200×900(mm)

working characteristics :Strong compatibility, can be connected to any CAD software system

cutting method: graver, stroke,multi-diameter milling cutter (replaceable)

cutting material: Acrylic sheet, PVC board, PET board, polymer composite material, copper board paper

knife type/pen type: oil pen,multi blade milling cutter

fixed mode: Vacuum adsorption (Taiwan technology)

cutting speed:50—300mm/s

cutting thickness:≤5mm

repeat accuracy:≤0.2mm

software resolution:0.025mm

transmission port:Serial port

instruction system: HP-GL,DXF compatible format

control interface: LCD display button screen

spindle motor:12,000 rev / sec   air-cooling

spindle power:400W

transmission system: High-precision stepping driver,Imported  linear guide rails

Be suitable for: Clothing, shoes, bags

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