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X high speed template cutting machine

X high speed template cutting machine

Code: XM1509 XM1512 XM1809 XP1509 XP1512 XP1809

Spec: 1500×900mm 1500×1200mm 1800×900mm

Brand: CARV

Price: 0.00

Carv X series high-speed template cutting and milling machine, cutting efficiency is higher, the self-control system service is more convenient, double suction system, small sample cutting more precise, curve adaptive acceleration and deceleration, more smooth arc cutting.Automatic tool setting function is easy to replace each diameter cutter.


Machine model: XM1509  XM1512  XM1809  XP1509  XP1512  XP1809

Cutting area: 1500×900  1500×1200  1800×900(mm)

Working characteristics: Strong compatibility, can be connected to any CAD software system)

Cutting material: Acrylic sheet, PVC board, PET board, polymer composite material, copper board paper)

Cutting method: multi-diameter milling cutter (replaceable),graver, stroke

Knife type/pen type: Milling cutter (single / multi-blade), cutting knife, oil pen

Display mode: 4.5 inch LED color display

Cutting speed: 50-800mm/s

Cutting thickness: ≤10mm

Fixed mode: Vacuum adsorption (optional fixture)

Repeat accuracy: ≤0.01mm

Software resolution: 0.025mm/0.01mm/0.1mm

Instruction format:  hpgl  plt  dxf

Output port: Network port,SD card (optional with unlimited output module)

Voltage/power: 220V±10%   50HZ/3—4.2kw

Working environment: -30-50℃

Spindle speed: High speed frequency conversion 40000rmp

Spindle cooling: water-cooling

Transmission system: High-precision stepping driver,Imported  line guide rails/bearing,Taiwan technical air pump

Be suitable for:  Clothing, bags, shoes, electronics


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