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Happy news of sewing industry | Kawei won the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification"

Source: http://www.hkcarv.com/news975995.html
Time: 2023-9-25 10:25:00

        Ningbo carv automation technology co., ltd independent innovation research and development of X series high-speed template cutting machine, with excellent quality, new technology and excellent product quality, and in accordance with Zhejiang manufacturing "domestic first-class, international advanced" positioning, after the "basic requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and quality and service commitment" and other aspects of the examination and approval. In the domestic sewing template cutting machine products take the lead to obtain the "quality logo made in Zhejiang" certification.

        With the popularization of raw garment making and template sewing, template technology has become popular, and template cutting and making have become the basic configuration of template application. In 2013, Kawei began a new journey of production and sales of template milling machine. After more than 10 years of product innovation, intensive farming and market experience, Kawei template milling machine has won the favor of users with high quality and new technology as a benchmark, and has become a dark horse in the field of segmentation.

        Zhejiang manufacturing "product" word certification is higher than the national standard, better than international standards. Through the "Made in Zhejiang" certification, it is not only a high affirmation of the quality concept and results of Ningbo Kawei, but also a powerful demonstration of Ningbo Kawei's own products and brands; It is not only a brand honor, but also a development mission. It also reflects the product strength of China's sewing industry.

        Driven by technological innovation and guaranteed by product quality, it is the key factor to obtain "Made in Zhejiang" and the main measure to boost Kawei's high-quality development, thus determining the core tone of development and enhancing the development core of enterprises and products. World quality, made in Zhejiang. Through the Zhejiang manufacturing "product" word certification, but also got the Zhejiang sewing Machinery Association, Ningbo Product food Quality Inspection Institute, Ningbo Standardization Institute of great assistance.

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