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Identified | CISMA2023 CARV has three highlights

Source: http://www.hkcarv.com/news976043.html
Time: 2023-9-25 14:01:00


        As the main drafting unit of the industry standard for template cutting and milling machines and the current leader in the field of electronic trawl wheels, Cavi will fully showcase the latest solutions for high-quality sewing advanced AIDS and equipment such as "Sewing Helper - Electronic Rear tug" and "Raw Garment Template First - Cutting and Milling Machine" at W5-A42. The main electronic trawl wheel push explosion products MDL full synchronous double drive electronic trawl wheel series and TD crawler full drive electronic trawl wheel series are on display.

        According to General manager Chen Xiaolong, this CISMA2023, Kawei booth will have three highlights: First, it will show the latest solutions to improve sewing quality and efficiency, and it will be configured according to different sewing machine application scenarios. The audience will feel the charm of "efficiency and quality" of the electronic trawling wheel assisted sewing machine at zero distance. The second is to show the application of the new technology of "template cutting machine 4.0". At that time, the audience will appreciate the charm of Kavy 2023 high-speed template cutting machine equipped with a new generation of servo control system, the cutting efficiency is doubled again, and the production needs of large enterprises can be fully met. The third is to display Carvey's invention patent - a new vision industry 4.0 automation product.

In addition, Carvey will hold the TD track full drive intelligent electronic trawl wheel launch at the booth on September 26.

At the moment when intelligent manufacturing has become the transformation and upgrading of the sewing industry and achieved the development of specialized and special high quality, Kawei focuses on the industry segmentation field and is committed to the research and development and production of a full series of electronic trawling wheels to help sewing enterprises achieve high-quality and efficient production. After 10 years of growth and transformation, Kawei carries efficient work and high-quality products that allow the sewing industry to enjoy big changes brought by electronic trawl wheel small devices.

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