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Are these digital puller curtains and home textile factories rushing to buy them?

Source: http://www.hkcarv.com/news978157.html
Time: 2023-10-9 16:26:00

The sewing of large fabric fabrics (such as curtains, home textiles, tents, etc.) has the most widespread and widespread demand for auxiliary traction of sewing machines. Equipped with a traction machine, sewing machines can greatly reduce the workload of sewing workers and improve the sewing efficiency of sewing machines.

The difference between PT mechanical puller and MDL fully synchronous dual drive digital puller

More than 20 years ago, humans invented the mechanical drag wheel of the sewing machine, which solved problems such as poor feeding and wrinkling during fabric sewing. With the development of software, electronics and other technologies, the old PT mechanical puller, due to its complex and bulky structure, required refueling, poor compatibility with computer sewing machines, and inability to achieve synchronous reverse function with sewing machines, has been unable to meet the needs of modern sewing production.

MDL fully synchronous dual drive digital puller product section

The sewing machine is constantly updated and iterated, from the original old belt model to the current computer stepper sewing machine. The computer sewing machine has high sewing quality and fast sewing speed. When sewing large fabric fabrics, the old-fashioned PT mechanical tug wheel on the market has poor compatibility with the computer sewing machine due to structural reasons, and some even cannot be installed at all.

Characteristics of MDL fully synchronous dual drive digital puller

The professional sewing machine digital puller research and development manufacturer, Ningbo CARV, China. After more than 3 years of research and testing, the MDL fully synchronous dual drive intelligent digital puller was launched in early 2022. MDL is a truly fuel-free, single motor driven dual drive digital puller that can be fully synchronized with high-speed sewing machines, synchronously lift and release pullers with sewing machines, and synchronously reverse stitch with sewing machines. The power output of the upper and lower wheels is simultaneous, and the sewing of large fabric fabrics can avoid the problem of insufficient power of the original MT full drive single puller.

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