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Good news for the sewing industry |CARV won the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification

Source: http://www.hkcarv.com/news978159.html
Time: 2023-10-9 16:36:00

The X series high-speed template cutting and milling machine independently innovatively developed by Ningbo CARV Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is characterized by excellent quality, new technology, and excellent product quality, and is positioned as "first-class domestically and internationally advanced" manufactured in Zhejiang, After being approved in terms of "basic requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, and quality and service commitments", the sewing template cutting and milling machine products in China have first obtained the "Made in Zhejiang" certification.

The popularization of hand made clothing and template sewing has made template technology popular, and template cutting and production have become the basic configurations for template application. In 2013, CARV began a new journey in the production and sales of template cutting and milling machines. After more than 10 years of product innovation, intensive cultivation, and market experience, CARV template cutting and milling machines have won the favor of users with high quality and new technology as benchmarks, and become a dark horse in segmented fields.

The Zhejiang manufacturing "product" certification is higher than national standards and superior to international standards. Passing the "Made in Zhejiang" certification is not only a high recognition of the quality concept and achievements of Ningbo CARV Heavy, but also a demonstration of the strong strength of Ningbo CARV own products and brands; It is not only a brand honor, but also a development mission. It also reflects the product strength of China's sewing industry.

Driving technological innovation and ensuring product quality are key factors in achieving "Made in Zhejiang", and are also the main measures to promote the high-quality development of CARV, thus determining the core tone of development and enhancing the development core of enterprises and products. World quality, made in Zhejiang. This time, we have passed the Zhejiang Manufacturing "Product" certification and also received strong assistance from the Zhejiang Sewing Machinery Association, Ningbo Product and Food Quality Inspection Research Institute, and Ningbo Standardization Research Institute.


  CARV Digital Puller Equipment Wins Industry Single Champion Enterprise

On April 25th, the 2023 annual meeting of the Parts Branch of the China Sewing Machinery Association, with the theme of "seeking progress while maintaining stability, and jointly discussing the specialized, refined, and new development of parts", was held in Wujiang, Jiangsu. Yang Xiaojing, Chairman of the China Sewing Machinery Association, Wu Jiling, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Parts Branch, and other leaders attended the meeting. At the meeting, certificates were successively issued to the President and Vice President of the third branch, the champion enterprise of the second batch of single component products, and advantageous enterprises.

As a national high-tech enterprise, CARV Ningbo focuses and specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and promotion of intelligent digital puller for sewing machines. Advocating innovative thinking and energy conservation and environmental protection, we have developed a full series of computer controlled rear drag devices (intelligent digital puller for sewing machines) suitable for various types of sewing machine configurations on the market, which do not require refueling and do not leak oil, and are driven by independent motors. Comprehensively solve the problems of poor material feeding, wrinkling, button raising, and misalignment during the sewing process of the sewing machine. Provide users with solutions for sewing mid to high-end soft textile products, and share the value and benefits brought by carv intelligent digital puller together.

CARV Ningbo provides sewing template cutting and milling services covering the sewing industry; Intelligent auxiliary devices and equipment solutions for fabric dragging, positioning, and other sewing follow the product philosophy of "focus, specialization, and expertise". We help customers break through the quality and efficiency of sewing. Cavey's core values constantly inspire us to innovate: to be open-minded thinkers, trustworthy collaborators, and passionate innovators.

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