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The Wonderful Moments of 2023 CISMA CARV

Source: http://www.hkcarv.com/news978170.html
Time: 2023-10-9 17:02:00

On September 25-28, 2023, the world's largest sewing equipment industry event, CISMA2023, which lasted for four days, was successfully concluded.

As a research and development manufacturer of sewing auxiliary equipment and devices with more than 10 years of technological heritage, Ningbo CARV is committed to innovative technology, mechanical breakthroughs, electronic control optimization, software upgrades, and other aspects to further enhance the market competitiveness and share of CARV digital puller, providing customers worldwide with the best solution for sewing machine auxiliary traction devices.

The new star of the digital puller at the CISMA exhibition, the CARV TD tracked all wheel drive digital puller and the TDK tracked overlock sewing machine digital puller, have multiple patented technology products. They fully displayed their style at this exhibition and won the favor of domestic and foreign customers with their absolute advantages in sewing and traction quality and efficiency. Industry media are also rushing to gather on-site information.

The number of patents in the field of CARV digital puller ranks first, with a full range of digital puller displayed on the booth, including the clothing factory experience area and the large fabric home textile curtain experience area. From the first generation of upgraded and optimized BT pneumatic template digital puller to the latest generation of TD track all wheel intelligent digital puller that can adapt to the thickness of the fabric. The pedestrian flow on the booth alone can demonstrate customers' recognition and following of the CARV digital puller.

CARV template cutting and milling machines have been put into the market since 2012. In 2023, CISMA CARV showcased the fifth generation of new template cutting and milling machines. Highlight one is the use of diagonal adsorption zoning, precise cutting of small samples without displacement, which can completely replace the market's fixture style template cutting and milling machines. (The main characteristics of fixture fixed template methods are the cost of cutting materials, the need for specific path cutting, and the inconvenience of operation, etc.), highlight two Adopting the new generation software algorithm of CARV, the cutting efficiency is guaranteed and the accuracy is better. Highlight three is the hidden transmission track method, which is safer and more reliable to use.

In the four-day exhibition, CARV Technology received countless visitors, including industry friends and customers from all over the country, as well as overseas friends from more than 20 countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Türkiye, Russia, South Korea, Jordan, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Cambodia, etc.

The highlights of the grand event are vividly remembered

CISMA2023 has come to a perfect end

Industry single champion CARV digital puller

Industry standard leader drafting sewing template cutting and milling machine

Improvers in sewing quality and efficiency

Good Sewing Assistant – Ningbo CARV, China

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